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OrigamIsrael - Origami Artists of Israel



OrigamIsrael (formerly OASIS) was founded to provide a home for Israeli origami artists and folders. To increase cooperation and knowledge sharing between Israeli origami enthusiasts.



A strong Israeli origami community with a significant international presence supported by a strong body of original origami creators.



  • Provide a meeting place for professional and amateur Israeli origami artists

  • Expand and enrich the Israeli origami scene.

  • Help the members of the Israeli origami organization in pursuit of their goals.

  • Increase public awareness of the existence and caliber of Israeli original origami artists.


Contact: Ilan Garibi -

Origami convention - March 2023


OrigamIsrael is very pleased to announce its 10th-Annual Convention, to be held this year, from the 8th to the 11th of March 2023, at the Nof Ginnossar Hotel: right on the scenic and historic lakeside of the Sea of Galilee.  
Link to map

Registration form is here.

All guests from abroad will be warmly welcomed, and have to pay only 50% of the registration fee!

Nature, scenery, calm waters, terrific company, too much food, fun, origami—what more could you ask? See you there! 


For more information or any question please contact us at or directly to Ilan Garibi



OBO of Origamisrael

Ilan Garibi, CEO

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    Participants of the first OASIS convention

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